Would you like to learn how to paint and draw?

Have you always thought about learning to draw or paint? Do you already have this talent and would like to improve your skills? At the Pico da Pedra Local Museum you can.

Every Tuesday from 6pm to 7.30pm I will be at the Museum to give Painting and Drawing classes for all ages.

The programme will be personalised according to what the enrolled students choose to learn and the experience of each student will also be taken into account so that groups with similar learning interests can be formed.

You can learn various types of drawing and painting techniques according to your interests. For children under the age of 10 a special programme can be designed for them to explore various forms of artistic expression and not focus so much on learning one specific technique.

There are two ways of payment: a single class payment, meaning that students can choose to pay per class and be free to participate whenever they wish, or they can choose a monthly payment, where the price includes the whole month, making the classes more affordable.

The prices include the basic materials for each class.

For more information or other questions contact veronicasilvamelo@gmail.com or 916045846.

Come and learn to paint and draw!

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