My new Portfolio!

Updated: Feb 4

I did my portfolio during quarantine!

Finally!! Is what i want to say, i was for so long thinking how to compile all the work i have been doing and how to select and how to organize... Finally i can say it is more or less done, and more or less because i feel that i can always make it better, i can always work on something that can look better. This Blog area will be for publishing events and workshops i do and also to share some more interesting works, progress mostly. I hope everyone will let me know what they think of my website and give me some suggestions to update it from time to time. I am happy that now i can have one place on the internet that has all the works i want to share and info.


How to keep focused on quarantine and still do your portfolio?

I came to my parents house when everything in Lisbon started to get crazy about the toilet paper... When i came to the Azores i didn't thought my life would stay on hold for 3 months, and most people here will say, yes, me neither. In the beginning i thought maybe i would stay away from my boyfriend 2 weeks and that i could use this time to work on something or read more, or declutter my parents house, or even my art supplies and works. But it turn out completely different. Now that is coming to an end, finally, yes this is the word of my day, i can say that probably i wouldn't have the time or focus to do this portfolio if i wasn't on quarantine. Much has changed... not only me or the world around. Before i was working and living in a hostel, Workaway i had been like that since October 2019, i had started in one hostel in Sintra and then i changed to another and stayed some more months until i had to come to Azores on march. I was doing workaway also because i was studying illustration on the botanical garden of Lisbon, course that i had to abandon because i had no more possibility to pay for it. After spending many days without knowing what do focus on, even trying to keep sane with the yoga practice and online courses available, i had a period of time i didn't want to do much. Not knowing what i could really do, i focused on what for sure i would need to find... a job. While this thoughts came to my mind and i would see graphic design jobs i realized the painful truth, my portfolio wasn't done... That was when it started! I started searching between all the projects on my computer and painfully decide which to use or not. I found works i didn't even remembered doing... and the other to show them, how to make so many different projects look good wasn't easy job, but i finally got to a point i can say i have the most relevant work for the area i want to work in.


I would love to receive your feedback on this portfolio, please write me a message or leave your comment! Hope everyone is ok and using creativity to pass their quarantine, or getting back to "normal" life.

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